Why Choose Trendeca

reclaim your time

Trendeca radically reduces the time required to obtain high quality data, freeing valuable engineering time.

Complete design analysis

Solid design analysis and complete documentation is easier than ever before.

improve product quality

Super fast test setup means you can expand test coverage and still ship on time.

solid FINANCIAL investment

Faster and more complete testing ultimately means you can bring a higher quality product to market quicker.

How trendeca adds value

Trendeca was built by engineers, for engineers. 

Do any of these use cases sound familiar?

Trendeca has built in current measurement up to 10Amps. Just plug in your test leads and start acquiring data.

No need to leave your desk with Trendeca. View live data, control the device, and download records all from your desktop computer.

As electronics engineers, this was one of our favorite strategies, and it definitely has its place in our proverbial “tool box”. However, we often found what we thought would take two hours, took two days to assemble and the data obtained from our rig could sometimes be a bit suspect. With Trendeca, you can start testing now, and have complete faith in your data.

Trendeca has wide input ranges (60V , 10Amps, etc.). The trendeca device automatically configures its acquisition hardware to ensure your data has the maximum resolution possible for your input range. No need to spend time making a custom analog front end for your DAQ.

This use to be one of our favorite “quick and dirty” test strategies. With Trendeca, you can set up this test in seconds and produce much higher quality data, design analysis, and test documentation. You’ll save valuable time as you don’t have to check the test and log data manually.

As it is lighting fast to set up tests and acquire data with Trendeca, you can expand test coverage of your product. As such, you can gain increased confidence in your design and improved product quality.

With Trendeca, you can use the included solid state relay and touch screen interface to set up a load cycling test in a few minutes. Measure the case temperature, current through the load, and voltage across suspect parts over thousands of cycles starting today.

Use Trendeca’s low current channel to measure anywhere between 1 uA and 2 Amps without causing power supply brown out. Trendeca automatically configures its current sense circuitry to acquire high resolution data with the lowest burden voltage possible.  

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