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Please complete the Purchase Request Form to receive a Pro-Forma Invoice for your order (sent via email within 24 hours). After payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email indicating your order has been shipped. Detailed terms of sale are listed at the bottom of the Pro-Forma Invoice.

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Direct Bank Transfer

Pay in USD or NZD via Bank Transfer

You can transfer funds in USD or NZD directly to our account (banking details provided on the Pro-Forma Invoice). Please request a Pro-Forma invoice for the currency you wish to pay in. This is the most popular payment method for our customers.

Transfer Wise

Pay in your local currency via Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Transfer Wise offers an efficient method of making payments across national borders. You may pay in your local currency via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. To use this payment option, request a Pro-Forma Invoice for your purchase in NZD. Please see the Transfer Wise website for additional details.

Purchasing Questions / Other Payment Methods

We are happy to arrange alternative payment methods if required. Please email us at support@trendeca.com to discuss your specific needs. 

Bulk Purchase Discounts

We offer substantial discounts on bulk purchases. This discount will be reflected on your Pro-Forma Invoice for orders valued at greater than $3500 USD.

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Product Offering

Trendeca Model 100 with all Accessories

$1450.00 USD

Provided accessories include 1 universal power supply, 3 K type thermocouples, and 1 8Gb USB drive with support docs.

Universal Power Supply

$23.00 USD

Plug adapters provided for all markets (including USA, AUS, NZ, CN, UK, EU, and more); Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ; Output: 12V, 2A 

K Type Thermocouple

$2.00 USD

Length: 95cm; Temperature Range: -20C to 400C

8Gb USB Drive

$14.00 USD

USB drive can be used with the Trendeca Model 100 to log data. USB drive also contains support documentation for the Trendeca Model 100.

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