Radically Simple

Data Acquisition

Gathering high quality data has never been this easy  

Spend your time analyzing your data, not your DAQ

Control Trendeca Remotely
Analyze Data in your Favorite Program

Key Features

Voltage, Current, Temperature and Digital Measurements

Measure up to 60V, 10A, 400C and multiple digital input types.

Touch Screen Interface

Configure and start a test in seconds with the simple touch screen interface.

Simple Data Format

Import the CSV data file into your favorite tool for analysis (Matlab, Excel, Python, etc.)

Multiple Power Options

Power via wall adapter or an external 12V supply.

Test Automation

Automate tests with a 10A solid state relay and other special purpose digital outputs.

Wifi Connectivity

View real-time data, download logs, and control tests from anywhere via Wifi connectivity.

USB Enabled

Log data directly to your USB drive.

Push to Connect

No tool needed to connect test leads.

Purchase Information

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  • 1 Trendeca Model 100 and All Accessories
  • All Software Included
  • 1 Year Premium Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Please email us your question at support@trendeca.com and we will aim to get you an answer within 24 hours. We are also happy to set up a time to chat with one of our design engineers over the phone or via video conference.

Trendeca is primarily used by engineers testing their electronics prototypes and engineers debugging existing hardware products. Of course, there are many other applications. For example, Trendeca has been used by embedded software engineers to log real time current draw data (uAs) to ensure their code updates are increasing battery life for their ultra low power device.

Though we hope the product design is intuitive, if you would like a bit of additional information please see our support page for set by step instructions. Support documents are also available on the USB drive that came with your unit. As always, feel free to send us an email at support@trendeca.com if you need additional assistance.

We are happy to provide additional accessories. Please see our purchasing page.

Yes. Bear in mind that the Trendeca only accepts K Type Thermocouples and that the connectors on the product are compatible only with Standard Mini-Connectors (Length: 25mm, Width: 15mm, Pitch: 8mm)

No worries. 🙂 Please send an email to support@trendeca.com and we can get it sorted out (we will have to invoice you for the cost of the repair). The Trendeca Model 100 has no user replaceable fuses and is not intended to be fixed by the customer (device must go through our factory calibration process to ensure accuracy after repairs are performed).

As electronics engineers, we were often annoyed by the existing DAQ technology. The modular DAQ systems were complex, had limited input ranges, and were very time intensive to set up. Our hack Arduino/Rasberry Pi setups took quite a bit of time to create as well, and often yielded sub-par data. We wanted high quality data generated by tests that took seconds to set up, not days. Out of frustration, we built the data acquisition and test automation device we always wished we had. We showed our creation to some of our engineering mates, and they wanted one too. As such, we “productized” the design and formed a company to offer our solution to our friends around the world.

The data sheet can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you can click on the orange button in the features section of this webpage to download the data sheet.

About us

Kia ora! We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand where we perform all design and manufacturing for the Trendeca product line.

Contact Us

Please email us at: support@trendeca.com. Our support team aims to respond to your query within 24 hours.

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